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i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 Single-Board-Computer

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SANTARO core is an ARM Cortex-A9 based single-board-computer, where all components are placed on one PCB. SANTARO is available with Dual- and Quadcore versions of the i.MX6 CPU, later with Singlecore CPU as well.

With 800 MHz to 1 GHz per core the NXP i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 CPU sets a new benchmark for fanless SBCs. SANTARO will be shipped either with Windows Embedded Compact 7, Embedded Linux or Android.

Starter Kits with preinstalled ROM images for all available operating systems as well as optimized driver and SDK/BSP packages simplify the project entry.

SANTARO core data sheet

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Please pay attention to the latest release notes of the preferred operating system, which contain important
information about the availability of the interfaces.

Product Name
ModellSANTARO x4 coreSANTARO x2 coreSANTARO x1 core
CPU FamilyARM Cortex-A9
Clock Rate1,0 GHz
Flash4 GB eMMC Flash
Removable MemorySD/SDHC
ControllerProgrammable LCD Controller
Supported Resolution1920 x 1080 pixel
Colour Depth24-bit
Interface type2Ch-LVDS
Ext. HDMI Interface1
USB 2.0 Host1
USB 2.0 OTG1
RS-4851 GI1
CAN Bus1 GI1
I²C Bus1
SPI Bus1
Digital I/O2/2
Audio I/O1/1
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply12...24 V DC
Power Consumption~8.2 W
Power SourceExternal AC-Adaptor
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature0 to 60 °C
Storage Temperature-20 to 70 °C
Relative Humidity5-95% (non-condensating)
Length138 mm
Width80 mm
Height18 mm
Weight97 g
Available Software
BIOS / BootloaderFlash-N-Go
Windows Embedded Compact 7
Embedded Linux
OptionsMDB instead of 2. RS-232
2. CAN instead of RS-485
Order Codes
Standard Device102901028010481
Starter Kit103241031410228
AvailabilitySeries Production

SANTARO x4 core
SANTARO x4 core

SANTARO x2 core
SANTARO x2 core

SANTARO x1 core
SANTARO x1 core

On SANTARO systems, there is installed a BIOS with RedBoot boot loader. The configuration can be simply modified via RS232 or Telnet. The devices will be shipped with a standardized operating system (ROM-Image) and related drivers and libraries. This product can be delivered with Windows Embedded Compact 7, Embedded Linux or Android.

For the current status and scope of drivers and features, please check the related release notes:
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS Release Notes
Windows Embedded OS Release Notes

LinkWe permanently work on developments and improvements. The latest releases will be published on our web site respectively in the FTP Area of the related product.

To customize the operating system to the individual requirements of your application, the Windows CE board support package (BSP) is required, which is available as binary for download on our FTP Server.

To use the BSP, the Microsoft Platform Builder is essential. You may need to purchase this additonal software from one of the Microsoft Windows Embedded distributors.

Hardware and specifications
SANTARO core data sheet (08.12.2014)
Overview of product features
 (710 KB)
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SANTARO core Manual  (27.03.2015, 1.1)
Description of the connectors and pin layout
 (2.1 MB)
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Operating Systems and BIOS
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS Release Notes (14.11.2013, 3.0.0-0)
Information about issues, bugs and fixes.
 (133 KB)
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Linux PTX OS Manual (28.07.2014, 1.43.0-0)
Introduction Linux with PTX distribution
 (7.3 MB)
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Linux Yocto Daisy download area (29.09.2016)
Listing of available SANTARO releases
 (230 KB)
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Linux Yocto Jethro download area (05.10.2016)
Listing of available SANTARO releases
 (209 KB)
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Windows Embedded OS Manual (06.07.2010, 1.3.1)
Introduction in Windows Embedded.
 (3.5 MB)
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Windows Embedded OS Release Notes (24.10.2013, 1.6.0-0)
Information about issues, bugs and fixes.
 (196 KB)
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FTP-Server Access
Online Ressources 
SDK, BSP, BIOS and more on our FTP server
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If not part of your operating system, you may need an unzip-program, i.e. the free 7-Zip.
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To view text files, you just need a text editor, that should come with your operating system.
To access our FTP server you can use your browser.

Our SANTARO Starter Kits are allround no-worry packages and will enable you to start your project development immediately.

Please contact us for availability of the

  • Starter Kit SANTARO x2 core [Oder code 10314]
  • Starter Kit SANTARO x1 core [Oder code 10228]
  • Starter Kit SANTARO x4 core [Oder code 10324]

Our Starter Kits come with a safe case and all neccessary cables.

  • SANTARO device, version as per order
  • Pre-installed Windows Embedded Compact 7, Embedded Linux or Android
  • OS images for all available operating systems
  • Acryl glass stand for presentation and proper working place
  • AC adaptor
  • Null-modem cable
  • Cross-over network cable
  • USB connection cable
  • Quick guide